Putting the motorcycle in a particular category is increasingly difficult now coupled with the emergence of the various terms that are given either by the manufacturers themselves or users. For BMW, the category ‘roadster’ There are some models such as the K 1300 R, R 1200 R, 1000 R, R Nine T and F800R.

Although there is still dispute about the true meaning of ‘roadster’, viewed from its shape, motorcycles ‘roadster’ BMW can be regarded as a version of ‘naked’ without full wind barrier and provides a more upright ride.

F 800 R as shown, was launched early last year (2014) with the F 800 GS, which uses the same engine but tuned to produce different characters, namely the F800R is more sporty.

The first thing that felt when riding this bike is quite low seat and rider like sinking into the soft curve of the seat.



This bike is said to provide vertical transportation, and if seen from the side, it is true the handle higher than sports bikes but strangely enough, I still need to reach and the body becomes skewed when both hands are placed on the holder.

Perhaps because the handle width or perhaps also because the tanks ‘fat’. To your knowledge, ‘tank’ is actually not a motorcycle fuel tank because the tank is located under the rear seat, and it may put the air filter or other equipment.

The foregoing rider position is not so painful, if riding alone but when taken together with the passenger, the pressure loss of the passenger who also sits leaning will begin to be felt. So much so, there are moments, especially when braking, passengers had to hold hands in the ‘tank’.

However, I found that this position there is still a pleasure to own. When sitting low, coupled motorcycles has long wheelbase, it gives more confidence to the rider while sliding on the road.

For those who like to entertain bend Similarly, every time leaning, knees feel so close to the surface tar although not ‘open’ or ‘dependent’ on a motorcycle.

The suspension, though arguably more towards soft, it is still inconclusive and motorcycles will not be easily swayed or lose control if through a bumpy road, including the bend.

Performance and engine vibration

Two-cylinder engine does have a tendency to produce more vibration but the F800R, the in-line arrangement generates vibrations that are not so strong, at least below the level of 5,000rpm. When you begin to exceed this level, the vibration will taste sweet.

So, if you want to move quietly relaxed, better not exceed that level. If you are willing to endure the vibration, the 798cc engine in the F800R is indeed capable of dealing aggressive riding and provide excitement. In the same time, it’s not so scary.


Nice acceleration given very satisfactory with a cohesive power, so it can make you addicted, not to mention the noise produced by Akrapovic exhaust on this bike as a sound art that will be treasured motorcycle enthusiasts.

Currently, BMW Motorrad Malaysia is having a promotion for model F800R in which you can enjoy low monthly payments RM720 and some attractive packages worth up to RM8,718 is given free of charge.

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Engine: 798cc, two-cylinder inline, four-stroke, four valves per cylinder
Transmission: Six-speed, wet clutch
Maximum power: 87hp @ 8,000rpm
Maximum torque: 86Nm @ 6,000rpm
Front brakes: twin 320mm discs, four-piston calipers
Rear brakes: 265mm single disc, single piston floating caliper
Suspension front: 43mm telescopic fork
Rear suspension: swing arm cast aluminum, pre-load and rebound adjustment
Dry weight: 177kg
Tank capacity: 16 liters
Price: RM63,800 (complete with promotional Akrapovic exhaust and side bags)


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