Motorcycle helmets become so smart with Bluetooth, sensors, cameras and they are a drain on the battery, but not this headset with a solar panel back-up.

The motorcycle helmet Cranium iC-R is loaded with features including twin cameras mirrors, dual color LCD heads-up displays, GPS, smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth intercom, telephone, internet, radar collision warning and a tinted visor electronically .

All these technologies have been pledged in one form or another in other hi-tech helmets such as Skully, Edison and Reevu, who are yet to see commercial markets.

Solar panel
Solar panel

Where it differs is that it feeds helmet all these technologies by a battery with an integrated back-up solar panel on top.

It is expected the headset will cost RM6050.40 when, or if, it comes on the market.

However, there is no word on how much it will weigh (unless they say “light”), if all this information will be an overload for riders and no authority will grant its approval.

Some may say as much information, delivered to, not one, but two transparent LCDs is not safe.

Two transparent screens
Two transparent screens

The manufacturers argue otherwise, saying their system with two backup camera is better because it not only provides a 180 degree view, but a view of 210 degrees that eliminates blind spots.

Not only that, but small LED on the chin bar runners alert to any vehicle that comes into their blind spot as a back-up. And even they are supported by vibration alerts in the helmet.

LED alerts

Intelligent CEO of Cranium Ambrose Dodson admits he is not a motorcyclist, but had noticed how many riders had to turn his head. He hopes his headphones will eliminate the need for control of the shoulder.

The headset also features an internet connection. Although there is a huge potential for distraction, some important information that will be available include reports and weather warnings, as well as telemetry bikes.

In fact, the helmets of this kind could one day eliminate the need for motorcycle instruments.

Like, AGV, which recently announced instant-tint visors for some of their helmets, which includes similar technology.

Instant-tinting visor
Instant-tinting visor

They call it a “e-tint visor”. He is imbued with LCD crystals that darken at the touch of a button “in less than a second” via a low voltage current.

If you lose power, the default setting to clear.

Speaking of power, they promise eight-hour battery life, but it will depend on how many of the functions you use.

However, the battery is supported by a solar panel on top that is about the size of a 6+ iPhone.

While many specific details are yet to be confirmed, the company plans to release the headset in 2017.

But they must first raise the funds through a crowd-funding campaign.