Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd will be launch a new model Yamaha Exciter T150 which offers a sporty ride experience for the Vietnamese market.

Exciter T150 is equipped with a 150cc engine liquid-cooled and specially tuned exhaust system jointly developed design concept ‘The King of the Streets’ which provides lightweight body frame that facilitates handling,

This new model Yamaha products targeting sales of 170,000 units (for the first year after the launch in Vietnam) will be developed and issued by companies in Vietnam namely Yamaha Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co. Ltd.

Yamaha Exciter T150 which is a third-generation model generation can be acquired at the price of VND (Vietnamese Dong) 44,990,000 (RM7273.24) for the specification of RC and VND 45,490,000 (RM7437.24) for specification GP.

T150-GP-1 T150-GP-2 T150-GP-3 T150-GP-4 T150-RC-1 T150-RC-2